Friday, June 5, 2009

Congratulations, Megan!

It never rains in Arizona, right? Wrong! Instead of dealing with the blistering heat for graduation, we were blessed with rain!

Last year, graduation night was a downpour and something very unusual for that time of year in Arizona. We thought it was a fluke, and that we'd have a sunny night. During the week, the reports of expected rain gave the school a bit of a heads-up. Thanks to adminstration, the were able to bring in a "Big Top" tent (enter "graduation was a circus" joke ).

This was awesome because the musicians were still able to perform. All year long, we've looked forward to hearing Megan play those sweet, few measures of a piccolo solo on "Battle Hymn of the Republic." We couldn't actually see her under the tent, but could hear her just fine! Also, since she's the Senior Drum Major this year, she was able to direct the band, orchestra, and choirs in the "Alma Mater." What an honor! CONGRATULATIONS to Megan (and Richard!) on your graduation from Mountain View.

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